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Pico-Pico Maçarico (EN)

144, 4900 Av. Rocha Paris Viana do Castelo

Hours of Operation

Monday to Wednesday from 12h00 to 19h00

Thursday to Saturday from 12h00 to 22h30

Sunday, closed

Welcome to Pico-Pico Maçarico!

We have a cozy place right in the center of the city where from Monday to Friday, we present for lunch two economic suggestions, one of which is vegetarian.

Everything we offer to our valued customers, from the entrees to the desserts sweets, is made at Pico-Pico itself!

Thursday, Friday and Saturday for dinner, come and enjoy our appetizers, wonderful toasts and salads!

We accept group dinners, cake orders and takeaway service.

On Saturdays come and try our wonderful Brunch from 12h to 16h.