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Teatro Municipal Sá de Miranda (EN)

R. de Sá de Miranda Viana do Castelo

Teatro Municipal Sá de Miranda

Teatro Sá de Miranda was inaugurated on April 29, 1885. Its construction was due to the effort of a group of Vianese personalities that constituted, in 1879, Companhia Fomentadora Vianense with the aim of building a civilizing building.

It is an Italian Theater designed by José Geraldo da Silva Sardinha with the horseshoe-shaped audience and three orders of cabins with a capacity of 400 seats.

The Pano de Boca was designed by Luigi Manini and painted by Hercole Labertini, set designers of the Teatro S. Carlos and the ceiling, an image of the sky in trompe l'oeil, with portraits of playwrights, was painted by João Baptista do Rio.

This theater, true ex-libris of the Vianense and alto-minhota culture, has hosted the most important shows of Music, Theater, Opera, Dance and Cinema of the region.

Municipal Theater Sá de Miranda thus enters the year 2000 renewing and extending its fundamental role in the cultural life of Vianense. The City Hall acquired the building in 1985, at a time when its degradation was accentuated. Since then it has promoted works of improvement, first, in 1993, giving safety and comfort to the public and, in a second phase, providing the stage box with the most modern stage equipment, which allow to put on the scene the most demanding shows.

Resident Company: Teatro do Noroeste - CDV