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Núcleo Museológico de Lanheses (EN)

465 Largo Cap. Gaspar de Castro Lanheses

Museological Nucleus of Lanheses

Permanent Exhibitions: Pottery and Ceramics of Lanheses "and" The Ships of the Rio Lima "

The Museological Nucleus of Lanheses, inaugurated on August 1st, 2008, works in the old Primary School of Lanheses, place that also welcomes the headquarters of the Parish Council.

This nucleus includes two strands: one dedicated to the pirogas found in the Lima river - the oldest nautical vestiges of the country - another to the pottery, activity with traditions in that parish.

The parish of Lanheses had a strong artisan activity linked to ceramics, pottery and mining (mainly tin). There are many vestiges of ceramics castreja and romana, as well as the old documents that refer "baking kilns tile" or "earthworms".

In the parish of Lanheses, in 2003, two pirogas were discovered dating from the III / II a.C. centuries that prove the millenarian activity in the Lima river. Being one of the oldest finds in the country, the theme of pirogas is also prominent in this museum.

Guided tours by appointment: 258 733280
Place: Town Hall Building
E-mail: jfanheses@mail.telepac.pt