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Núcleo Museológico de Santa Maria de Geraz do Lima (EN)

Av. da Igreja Geraz do Lima (Santa Maria) Viana do Castelo

Museological Nucleus of Santa Maria de Geraz do Lima

During the expansion and restoration works of the Parish Church of St Maria de Geraz do Lima, several archaeological remains were detected, two medieval epigraphs being highlighted, one of them dated 1173 and referring to the (re) edification of the church, whose altemedieva documented by several fragments of twin windows, topped by sagging arches or "horseshoe" to the Mozarabic taste, which should correspond to the primitive pre-Romanesque church.

Following these findings, only possible thanks to the care provided by the Rev. do Parish priest of this parish, the City Council of Viana, through its Archeology sector, started an emergency excavation, which allowed the collection of valuable elements, and numerous estate.

About one hundred and fifty graves were exhumed, corresponding to several successive phases, which are understood from the sixth century until the late Middle Ages, among which stands an imposing granite sarcophagus, with a cap decorated in "stole".

Guided tours by appointment: 258 731794
Location: Parish Church of Santa Maria de Geraz do Lima
E-mail: archeology @ cm-viana-castelo-pt (Office of Archeology)
GPS: N41º 42,225 W8º 40,258