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Núcleo Museológico de Arqueologia de Afife (EN)

Viana do Castelo PT 4900

Archaeological Museum of Afife

At the Archaeological Museum of Archaeological Center of Afife, located in the building of the Casino Afifense, the archaeological materials of the estate are exhibited at the Amateur Nucleus of Archaeological Research of Afife (NAIAA).

The exhibition depicts the human occupation of Afife's parish from the Paleolithic to the Romanization.

The structure and organization of the Nucleus have a pedagogical character, visible in the balance between the scientific content and the appealing aesthetics, being, therefore, the children and youth public the main target of this project.

The Archaeological Museum of Archeology of Afife was inaugurated on June 18, 2016.

Bookmarking: 967 061 751/966 121 444
Location: Afife (Casino Afifense)
E-mail: naiaarqueologia@gmail.com
GPS: 41º46'31.79 "N, 8º51'38.11" W