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Núcleo Museológico de Arquitetura Popular de Darque (EN)

Sra. das Oliveiras Viana do Castelo

Museum of Popular Architecture of Darque

The Museum of Popular Architecture, in the House of Arts of Darque, is located in the old primary school of Senhora dos Oliveiras.

This new Museum Nucleus of the Museum of the Costume intends to show how in the Historical Center of Darque, between the Church of S. Sebastião and the Old Cais, a typology of traditional house is preserved with own characteristics, that are the reflection of a way of life where the agricultural life and the commerce and transport of products coexisted.

These houses are an important heritage of Darque and Viana do Castelo, which the Municipal Council, in collaboration with the Parish Council, musealizes, with the aim of making known to enhance its preservation.
This is the sixth Museological Nucleus that joins the Network of Thematic Museological Nuclei of the Costume Museum.

Casa das Artes de Darque
(old primary school of the Senhora das Oliveiras)
Avenida Rocha Páris
Tel. (+351) 258 358 047 
E-mail : museutraje@cm-viana-castelo.pt