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Edifício Vila Rosa - CMVC (EN)

103 Av. Rocha Paris Viana do Castelo

The Vila Rosa building is an elegant "revival" house from the first third of the 20th century, built by Abílio Lomba. It is an eclectic and urban proposal at risk from the Vianense (he was born in Viana do Castelo) José Fernandes Martins (1866-1945), being an excellent neo-Romanesque model with "baroque" adornments, in all akin to a building on Alexandre Herculano street in Lisbon.

It was acquired in 1988 by the City Council and was rehabilitated (in the year 2015) using constructive techniques and materials that are in accordance with the constructive and architectural characteristics of the building to receive support services to the community. 

 The building currently houses several services of the Vianense Autarchy such as the Healthy City Office, Social Network, the Historical Center sector and the Consumer Autarchic Information Center.

The project was developed with the aim of creating conditions for the installation of public services such as the Social Network, services to support the rehabilitation of the historical center or the services of support to the consumer, but also to improve the conditions of use for workers and the quality of the services rendered and, above all, to rehabilitate the building as an architectonic structure of high value to the artistic and artistic heritage.