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Lt 2 R. Rodrigo da Fontinha Viana do Castelo

Operating Hours
Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

The company

Afonso & Gigante, Lda., Which has been active since September 1990, presents a broad portfolio of solutions. The continued commitment to training and a total and continuous dedication have enabled us to acquire credibility and stability for more than 28 years in order to ensure the technological evolution of the market.

We are committed to making solid and lasting partnerships, so we are committed to providing the best services for your Company / Organization. To have a partnership with us, is to guarantee that you will enjoy solutions, leave the difficulties aside and be informed about the changes.

Management software

Integrated commercial and administrative management solutions for all sectors of activity. We are Certified Partners for implementation and technical support from leading software vendors.

  • Accounting Offices
  • Trade and Services
  • Automobile and Stands Workshop Management
  • Distribution and Industry
  • Mobility Solutions

Hardware delivery based on industry-standard architectures and energy efficiency.

  • Servers, Computers, Laptops, Tablets and Smartphones
  • Printing & Multifunction
  • Network Installation
  • Mobility

Video Surveillance

Solution for commercial stores, warehouses, offices, car parks, museums, schools, stadiums, with a high degree of flexibility allowing the scalability for monitoring in control centers and monitoring through video management software on servers as well as PC On local or remote network

Video surveillance systems composed of software / hardware for the monitoring and recording of images. Images of HD quality and / or superior in recording and viewing. Pedestal or rack-format video servers.

Support and Consulting

We fully monitor the correct implementation of the solution, from the selection and selection of equipment, to the installation and configuration of the information system.

  • Technical and consulting services
  • Local and remote support
  • Support to users in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)
  • Repair and maintenance
  • Network Management

Web design

Development of solutions for web and mobile environment. We build Dynamic and professional Online Stores, Portals and Web Sites. Get to know our development solutions with Content Manager and our design solutions, namely the approach that aims to design websites to provide an optimal viewing experience, easy to read and navigation.

  • Web Design
  • Domain Registration
  • Hosting